Every week we roast a new single-origin coffee and deliver it by bike to subscribers in south Oak Park (Austin to Harlem, Roosevelt to Madison). Porch pickup is available for folks that live outside of our current delivery radius.

We do not currently ship coffee.

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What kind of coffee do you roast?

A rotating selection of single-origin coffees, roasted to a level appropriate for each individual coffee. This rotating single-origin model means that the flavor profiles shift from week to week–from a darker, earthier Indonesian coffee one week to a lighter, fruitier Ethiopian coffee the next week, for instance. This keeps our tastebuds on their toes and allows us to learn a little bit more about the coffee in our cups every week!

All the coffees we roast are sourced by importers that pride themselves on paying premium prices to farmers for the highest quality coffees in coffee producing regions all over the world. They have direct relationships with processing stations and farmers (this is often referred to as 'direct trade') and believe that the above fair trade prices they pay creates a virtuous cycle that simultaneously helps smaller producers survive while incentivizing the production of higher and higher quality coffees.

Where and when do you deliver?

Free bike delivery is included for subscribers in south Oak Park (Austin to Harlem, Roosevelt to Madison). Porch pickup is available for subscribers that live outside of our current delivery radius.

Subscriptions include four Friday afternoon deliveries per month. Deliveries are occasionally bumped to Saturday when the weather is rough enough to make bike deliveries unsafe or truly uncomfortable!

If there's a fifth Friday in a month, we take that week off. In 2022, the following months include five Fridays: April, July, September, and December. 

Can I order ground coffee?

Sorry, we currently only offer whole bean coffee. Email us for grinder recommendations. :)

Can you ship me coffee?

Sorry, we do not currently ship coffee.

What kind of bags do you use?

We're so glad you asked! Sideyard Coffee bags are compostable! Please tear off the tin tie before adding them to your municipal compost bin.